Proteomics and Analytical Standards
Protea Biosciences has a great selection of standards to facilitate calibration, standardization, and troubleshooting of chromatographic separations in LC-MS, UV-HPLC, ion trap MS, Fourier transform MS, electrospray, and MALDI instruments. Our complete line of tuning standards is listed below.
Product Catalog Number Price Buy Now !
Peptide Retention Standard for Reversed Phase LC-MS PS-102-1 $112.00
ProteaMass Protein LC-MS Standard PS-150-1 $112.00
MALDI Calibration Standard PS-155-1 $112.00
Glu-1-Fibrinopeptide B (Glu-Fib) Peptide Mass Standard PS-165-1 $112.00
Accumix Ion Trap and FT-MS Peptide Standard PS-110-1 $112.00
Equimolar Digest Standard PS-215-1 $98.00 Buy Now !
Exponential Molar Digest Standard PS-216-1 $98.00


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