Endoproteinases And Digestion Kits
Protea Biosciences offers a full range of highly purified enzymes that are suitable for peptide mapping and protein sequencing.

Protea’s enzymes have high specificity minimizing the frequency of missed cuts and enhancing database searching. Protea offers Trypsin, Chymotrypsin, Arg-C, Glu-C and pepsin. All of Protea’s enzyme are certified MS grad
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Trypsin, Certified MS Grade

PE-101-5 $58.00

Glu-C, Certified MS Grade

PE-102-5 $84.00

Pepsin, Certified MS Grade

PE-103-5 $84.00

Chymotrypsin, Certified MS Grade

PE-104-4 $84.00

Arg-C, Certified MS Grade

PE-105-5 $84.00

Trysin Digestion Kit

PE-151-5KIT $149.34

Glu-C Digestion Kit

PE-152-5KIT $149.34

Pepsin Digestion Kit

PE-153-5KIT $149.34

Chymotrypsin Digestion Kit

PE-154-4KIT $149.34

Arg-C Digestion Kit

PE-155-5KIT $149.34




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