Protein Standards
Protea Biosciences’ Mass Spec Grade Protein Standards are for use in mass spectrometry, molecular biology, and life science laboratories. These products are high quality standards for use in the calibration of protein analyses by electrospray ionization (ESI) and MALDI mass spectrometry analyses. The Protein Standards also provide an excellent sample for proteomics method development, enzymatic digestion studies, and characterization of LC-MS analytical systems. For quality assurance and standardization purposes, each standard protein is provided with a high-resolution mass spectrum of the protein.

Protein Digest Standards
Protea Biosciences’ Protein Digest Standards are an ideal tool for the standardization, calibration, and troubleshooting of chromatographic separations, particularly for LC-MS applications. Each Protein Digest Standard is provided as a 500 pmol lyophilized mixture of tryptically digested peptides.
Modified Peptide Standards
Protea Biosciences offers a wide variety of of modified peptide standards for your mass spectrometry needs. Each standard is certified mass spec grade and lyophilized for easy and convenient reconstitution.
Proteomics and Analytical Standards
Protea Biosciences has a great selection of standards to facilitate calibration, standardization, and troubleshooting of chromatographic separations in LC-MS, UV-HPLC, ion trap MS, Fourier transform MS, electrospray, and MALDI instruments. Our complete line of tuning standards is listed below.


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