about protea biosciences

Protea Biosciences focuses on mass spectrometry based identification, quantification, characterization and distribution of biomolecules such as proteins, metabolites, and lipids from biological matrices to provide insights into biological processes. We offer new technologies and capabilities to our clients to characterize the many diverse types of biologically active molecules using a variety of mass spectrometry tools and workflows. Our customers use this molecular information to achieve their study objectives in the fields of pharmaceutical, clinical, academic and industrial research.


Protea provides innovative mass spectrometry imaging technologies (LAESI® DP-1000 Direct Ionization System) along with services for mass spectrometry imaging (MSI), proteomics, protein characterization, metabolomics, and small molecule analysis. Our interdisciplinary team offers the expertise to support researchers’ projects and help accelerate drug discovery and characterization. We deliver the highest quality data from state-of-the-art approaches to enable customers with confidence, reliability and confidentiality.



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