Histology Guided Mass Spectrometry (HGMS™) services combine optical microscopy and histology with high resolution mass spectrometry analysis. This approach allows researchers to target specific morphologies of a sample and obtain specific associated chemical information.

Powered by our online digital pathology tool, ProteaScope™, HGMS allows researchers to annotate regions of interest in their samples for further mass spectrometry profiling. The annotated areas are then targeted by our mass spec imaging laboratory to acquire a chemical fingerprint of the representative area. This chemical information can then be used to identify specific compounds of interest or to map the biomolecules present in a visualized morphology. HGMS allows for higher throughput than traditional MSI approaches and the smaller generated data volume is more conducive to statistical analysis for biomarker discovery. Typically, HGMS tissue samples are analyzed by either MALDI-MSI or LAESI-MSI downstream modalities. HGMS can accept fresh frozen or FFPE tissue sections.

About ProteaScope Online Portal
The HGMS workflow is made possible by our online digital pathology portal, ProteaScope. This platform allows Protea Biosciences scientists to upload digital tissue scans for pre-analysis annotation by researchers. Once the annotations are completed, the file is saved and Protea scientists can retrieve these designations for MSI targeting on serial tissue sections. After the analysis is completed, Protea scientists prepare a report containing the findings as outlined in the proposal. Researchers are able to log onto their own secure accounts from any web-enabled device, anywhere in the world.



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