Protea Biosciences provides standardized and custom workflows for targeted and untargeted metabolomics using both LC/MS and Mass Spectrometry Imaging. The untargeted workflows allow researchers to track relative metabolic changes within their system and gain valuable information about the global pathway changes occurring within their samples. Targeted workflows provides researchers with absolute quantitation of metabolites, or classes of metabolites, that are crucial for characterization of their treatments. Our expert team of scientists and state-of-the-art instrumentation provide critical information to further scientists’ research.
Using LC/MS and Mass Spectrometry Imaging, we currently offer the following workflows:

Targeted for Polar Analytes and Lipids:

  • CoAs
  • Carnitines

Untargeted for Polar Analytes and Lipids

Custom Targeted and Absolute Workflows


  • Nucleotide Bases
  • Nucleotides and Nucleotide Sugars
  • Carbon Sources
  • Vitamins
  • Glycosylation Pathway

Custom Targeted and Absolute Workflows


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