Protea’s Research Laboratory is a premier provider of analytical biological information; enhancing every step in the “research-to-clinic” value chain. Our interdisciplinary, expert team delivers the highest quality data from state-of-the-art approaches; providing customers with the confidence and confidentiality needed for the most specialized of projects. We strive to provide the highest quality biomolecular information from a variety of innovative and powerful methods and platforms:

Protein Characterization
Harnessing the power of high resolution, accurate mass MS, we can determine the structure and characterize your protein of interest.

Our experienced team can design and implement methods to identify and quantitate your proteins of interest from the most complex of samples

We provide standardized and custom workflows for targeted and untargeted metabolomics using both LC/MS and Mass Spectrometry Imaging. Our team of scientists and advanced instrumentation provide critical information to further your research


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