Protea is the premier industry provider of mass spectrometry imaging services. Mass spectrometry imaging (MSI) is changing our relationship to biomolecular information. Using the latest and most advanced MSI platforms (such as LAESI and MALDI), our imaging experts are able to map the biomolecular landscape of your sample. The application of these techniques offer a profound impact not only to our understanding of how biomolecules interact in a system, but open the door to fast and never-before-available analytical methods.

Our experienced team of mass spectrometry imagers can provide distribution profiling information for a wide range of sample types, such as tissue specimens, industrial and biological materials, horticultural specimens, and microbiological populations. We offer MSI sample preparation, including cryosectioning and microtome techniques, histological staining, and tissue microscopy. We can also combine imaging data with data acquired by different analytical techniques to deliver more comprehensive results. Our team works with you to identify MSI approaches to address your application requirements.

MSI Services- MALDI and LAESI

  • 2D and 3D Imaging
  • Label Free Imaging
  • Translational
  • Drug and Metabolite Distribution


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