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Our human disease-specific Western blot panels are used to determine cell signaling and protein expression patterns in specific disease and conditions.

Use our ready-to-use western blots to determine the size, abundance and phosphorylation patterns of specific proteins in highly-characterized samples.

We offer Westerns representing virtually all anatomic sites, disease and stages of disease. Clinical and Pathology data is provided.

Purchase our ready-to-use Western blots, or let us screen your antibodies on our Westerns, specific to multiple stages of breast, lung, colorectal, and prostate cancer, and most other major disease.

The total protein samples used in our western blots are derived from our own fresh-frozen, Pathologist-reviewed , individual tissue samples, Dnase-treated, and assayed for protein integrity (data provided), samples are applied to SDS_PAGE gels, and transferred to either PVDF or nitrocellulose membranes(your choice).

To assure optimal performance, our ready-to-use Western Blots are transferred onto membranes fresh, at the time your order is placed.

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