Protea Explorer system specifications

PC Desktop Requirements


Windows ( XP with Service Pack SP2)


LAN based Cat 5 network required; internet connectivity optional


400 MHz Processor, 128 MB RAM, 4x or higher CD-ROM, Soundblaster compatible, 15” monitor or larger
50 MB Hard disk available

Operating Enviroment


120 V AC 60Hz 10 A

Operating Temperature

50 F – 85 F


11”W x 12”H x 15”D


8.3 lbs.



All liquid connections are PEEK

LCD touchscreen

512 color,  240 x 160 pixels

6-port and 10-port valve

PEEK construction, 10-32 threads

Component Specs

Electroelution voltage

Adjustable 24V DC 0.1A

Electroelution spot size

2.9 mm

Pilfer chamber volume

45 mL

MWCO filters available

3k, 10k, 30k, 50k, 100kDa

Additional Equiptment required

  • PE-400 LC pump system
  • PE-600 LC pump system position syringe pump


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