Protea's REDIchip: small molecule analysis for MALDI
Features and Descriptions
  • Rapid data acquisition
  • No matrix background
  • Clean analyte peaks
  • Definitive analysis

  • 96-well target plates
  • Target size: 2 mm spots
  • Chip size: 25 x 75 x 1 mm
  • Fits standard 1″ x 3″ microscope slide adaptors

Ordering Information
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Protea’s REDIchip™ enables matrix-free small molecule analysis on your MALDI platform.

REDIchips (Resonance-Enhanced Desorption Ionization) are sample target plates with nanopost array (NAPA) surfaces for matrix-free laser desorption ionization of small molecules. This robust alternative to sample analysis by traditional methods requires minimal sample preparation and is suitable for simple and complex mixtures. Using a matrix-free approach, small molecules can be rapidly and quantitatively analyzed producing sensitive, reproducible results.

The REDIchip is easily integrated into existing MALDI-MS instrumentation using standard 1″ x 3″ adaptors, and the high-throughput, 96-target design features generous 2 mm spots for accuracy in sample spotting.

Reduced Background Peaks
Figure 1: REDIchip’s NAPA LDI-MS spectra compared to MALDI-MS spectra of small molecule drugs verapamil and ropivacaine. The REDIchip significantly reduces background allowing small molecules to be clearly seen in the low molecular weight (m/z) range. (click image to enlarge) Figure 2: Comparison between REDIchip and traditional MALDI-MS analysis of complex small molecule mixtures. The mixture contained clonidine (230), ropivacaine (275), verapamil (455), buprenorphine (468), and amiodarone (646). (click image to enlarge)
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