Protein and Peptide Quantitation

To deliver a quantitative determination of your targeted proteins and peptides, our interdisciplinary research team has developed workflows utilizing a range of sample preparation methods and techniques in a variety of analytical approaches.

One of the most effective tools our laboratory has offers is the absolute quantitation of targeted proteins and peptides by mass spectrometry-based multiple reaction monitoring (MRM). MRM combined with a stable isotope-labeled internal standard provides strategic advantages compared to traditional immunoassay platforms and delivers the ability to multiplex and provides improved accuracy, precision, and specificity. The method development timeline is faster and cost-effective.

Using proprietary methods, we can confidently and reproducibly quantify proteins and peptides via LC-MS. These methods are not only effective at low levels, but produce excellent linearity. Quantitation sensitivities are comparable to, and in some cases better than those obtained with Nano-LC and require shorter run times. These time and cost-efficient methodologies, which offer improved precision and accuracy, are invaluable resources for your large molecule PK investigations.

Case Studies and App Notes:

CASE STUDY: Direct Characterization of Cysteine Binding in Signal Transduction Pathways by LC MS-MS

Label-Free Quantitation of Proteins in Human Prostate Cancer Patient Plasma

CASE STUDY: Biomarker Discovery in Human Prostate Cancer Patient Samples Using Combined MuDPIT and BIOiTRAQ Workflows
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