ProteaPrep Cell Lysis

The process from cell lysis to protein characterization has never been more streamlined and effective. Utilizing a proprietary formulation, ProteaPrep Cell Lysis Kits are optimized for efficient solubilization, extraction, and recovery of proteins without the use of lysozyme and harsh detergents (e.g. SDS). ProteaPrep Cell Lysis Kits help you obtain a cell lysate of soluble, native proteins that is free from artifactual contaminants and perfect for downstream characterization by mass spectrometry.

Protea offers cell lysis products to help you prepare your sample for downstream applications. The cell lysis kit and protease inhibitor are essential products to start your protein experiments. Protein quantitiation is also vital for protein research, and the ProteaPrep Coomassie Protein Quantitation Kit enables you to accurately determine the amount of protein is present in your sample.

Protea Application Series:
A Cell Lysis to Mass Spec Workflow

I. Select A Kit
ProteaPrep Cell Lysis Kits are available in a variety of formulations. Each kit type utilizes a different surfactant type. A kit should be selected based on your sample type, sensitivity needs, and downstream application.

A 10% ProteaGel with 5% stacking gel with E. Coli lysate load of 15 µL from each ProteaPrep Cell Lysis Kit. Download our full Cell Lysis Kit selection guide here.

SP-800    |    SP-810    |    SP-817    |    SP-816

II. Digestion / Fractionation / Cleavage
ProteaPrep Cell Lysis Kits are compatible with a variety of bottom-up proteomic sample preparation methods, including solution and gel based techniques. By simply cleaving the labile surfactants and using Protea digestion enzymes and protocols, you can begin digestion without compromising your sample with extensive clean-up measures. Fractionation techniques such as ProteaPrep SCX MudPIT help you make sense of the details of your complex samples and improve your overall mass spec resolution.

Total proteins identified of a HeLa cell lysate using ProteaPrep Zwitterionic Cell Lysis Kit and grouped by the cellular location. Download full application note here.

III. Analyze
Protea’s sample preparation products produce samples ideal for LC-ESI or MALDI mass spec analysis: improving mass spec sensitivity and limiting overall sample loss. Using our chemistries and protocols, you can be confident that the proteomics data generated will have of the quality and protein coverage you need to move your experiment forward.

Proteins identified from a peanut lysate prepared using ProteaPrep Non-ionic Cell Lysis Kit. Download the full application note here.

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