Progenta Surfactants

Progenta™ Acid Labile Surfactants are novel, acid cleavable surfactants which facilitate quick, clean sample analysis free from the disruptive background noise commonly caused by molecules like SDS and CHAPS.

Progenta surfactants are fully mass spec compatible and are engineered to provide a safe alternative to other surfactants commonly used in proteomic workflows. These surfactants work with a wide variety of sample types, and can be quickly and efficiently removed from samples by acidification. Progenta surfactants enhance proteomics sample preparation workflows.

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Available Progenta Surfactants

Protea Application Series:
SDS Replacement for Mass Spec Workflows

Clear Results from Your Analysis
In as little as 10 minutes in acidic conditions, our Progenta Acid Labile Surfactants are fully cleaved into inert chemical species that do not have surfactant properties and do not interfere with analysis by mass spectrometry.

Improve Your Prep Method
See more of your protein(s) of interest in your downstream mass spec application by incorporating Progenta Surfactants into your existing workflows. Our surfactants perform tryptic digestions in only a fraction of the time, giving you improved results in only two hours.

Select Your Surfactants
Protea's large selection of surfactants are applicable in diverse applications. Whether you are currently using SDS, CHAPS, CTAB, or Triton™ X-100, Progenta Surfactants offer a high performing, chemically equivalent replacement to upgrade your workflow. See our surfactant selection guide for available mass spec improvement options.

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