SuperBlue Ultra™ Coomassie Stain



Product Overview
Protea’s SuperBlue Ultra™ Coomassie Stain is a time-efficient, versatile stain that has excellent sensitivity for detecting and visualizing proteins separated by SDS-PAGE. Highly sensitive band detection in polyacrylamide gels often comes with the trade-off of requiring harsh chemicals (e.g., heavy metals) or performing UV detection for enhanced sensitivity. SuperBlue Ultra Coomassie Stain provides a highly sensitive, biosafe Coomassie-based stain designed to enhanced limits of detection safely and easily.

Protea’s SuperBlue Ultra Coomassie Stain is ideal for SDS-PAGE when mass spectrometry (MS) is the downstream application. MS data is often inhibited by the harsh staining procedures common to some low sensitivity stains. SuperBlue Ultra Coomassie Stain combines sensitivity similar to a silver stain with MS compatibility common to a Commassie G250 stain. In addition to the high sensitivity and MS compatibility, Protea’s SuperBlue Ultra Coomassie Stain offers high resolution and quick staining abilities.

Features and Specifications

  • Unparalleled Sensitivity – as low as 2 – 4 ng/band
  • Revolutionary Speed – Band viability after <1 minute in stain
  • MS Grade Performance – Fully MS Compatible

Research Applications:

  • Staining 1D and 2D SDS-PAGE gels
  • Protein studies requiring down stream MS analysis


  • Blue and Clear Liquid
  • This product is for RandD use only; it is not for drug, household, or other uses.
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