Progenta™ Surfactants



Progenta Acid Labile Surfactants feature novel, acid cleavable formulations that are sample sensitive and fully compatible with mass spectrometry analysis. Simply integrate Progenta Surfactants into your protocol as you would any standard surfactant or low performing detergent. After completing the experimental work, gently reduce the pH and incubate for a short time to cleave the surfactant into small organic molecules that do not exhibit surfactant activity or interfere with analysis by mass spectrometry.

Available in four different chemistries, Progenta Acid Labile Surfactants have been engineered to provide safe, mass spec compatible alternatives to common detergents used for proteomics applications, such as SDS, CHAPS, CTAB, or Triton X-100. Progenta Surfactants enhance solubilization of biomolecules for sample preparation, cell lysis, and extractions, and greatly improve in-gel and in-solution enzymatic digestions.


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