iPAGE 300V Power Supply

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Product Overview
The iPAGE 300V Power Supply can run up to 4 gel boxes at a time with electrophoresis voltages of 0 to 300 V (0 to 500 mA current and 90 watt total power output rating). This versatile power supply can be operated in either constant voltage or constant current modes, and can be used for protein, DNA, and RNA electrophoresis experiments. The digital LCD display clearly shows the applied voltage and can be toggled to display current. The iPAGE 300V Power Supply also features a timer function that can be used to prevent running samples off of the bottom of the gel. At the end of the programmed run time, the power supply shuts off to protect sample integrity. The iPAGE 300V Power Supplies are compact in design with a small footprint and are stackable to save space.
Features and Specifications
  • Versatile power supply available with timer function for running up to four protein, DNA, or RNA gels

  • Recommended power supply: DC 300 V / 500 mA
  • Number of gels: 2
  • Run time: ~1 hour

***Please to download documentation.
iPAGE 300V Power Supply Availability
iPAGE 300V Power Supply
iPAGE 300V Power Supply, power cord and “Protea” instructions for use.
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iPAGE 300V Power Supply

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