New Products @ Protea
Introducing Protea’s Precast Gels and Gel casettes

  • High resolution over a broad molecular weight range
  • Hybridized formulation for increased gel strength
  • Specifically designed for downstream mass spec applications
  • Compatible with Bio-Rad *Mini-PROTEAN® electrophoresis gel systems
  • Easy to open cassette
  • Multiple acrylamide concentrations and comb options available
  • Free cassette opener with initial purchase

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Introducing Protea’s Albumin and IgG Depletion Products

Protea now offers a great way to virtually eliminate albumin and IgG from your serum samples! The ProteaPrep Albumin and IgG Depletion Sample Prep Kits quickly remove >99% of albumin or IgG from serum samples. The ProteaPrep Depletion capture ligands are recombinant proteins that exhibit excellent batch-to-batch reproducibility and are highly purified for robust, efficient removal of albumin from human serum samples.
Introducing New Standards from Protea

Protea’s Protein Digest Standards are an ideal tool for the standardization, calibration, and troubleshooting of chromatographic separation, particularly for LC-MS applications. Each Protein Digest Standard is provided as a 500 pmol lyophilized mixture of trypsin digested proteins.

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