Products for protein, identification and analysis

Peptide Retention Standards for Cation Exchange and Reverse Phase Chromatography -
also newly available for LC/MS

We offer a full range of peptide Retention Standards for use in cation exchange and reverse phase chromatography, as well as LC/MS.

Troubleshoot and calibrate your cation exchange columns with Protea's Peptide Retention Standards - a mixture of defined peptides that selectively elute in a known salt concentration.

Designed to demonstrate efficient binding and elution, covering a large range of salt concentrations conveniently provided as a stable, lyophilized powder sufficient for 10 injections.

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Products for protein and cell biology

Protea is developing novel products for protein and cell biology research.

Protein Arrays - Cancerscreen 125

The Protea Cancerscreen 125 is a set of more than 125 individual protein samples isolated from tumor and matched adjacent normal frozen tissue samples, transferred onto a Nitrocellulose membrane (dotblot).  All major cancer types are represented.  The Cancerscreen 200 is intended for research use, to determine protein expression patterns in specific stages of cancer, and is provided with demographic and pathology data for all source samples.