Standard Chips for Biology and Chemistry Applications

Double T

  • Our Double T chip (TT) comes with two identical TT channels. To enhance the ease of your experiments, each structure is accompanied with a ruler and a dye concentration calibration channel.
  • The channels are of a standard depth of 20Ám (▒15%) and width of 100Ám (▒15%) and 200Ám TT length. 
  • There are two options for connections: a standard reservoir of 80Ál volume or connecting 360Ám fused silica tubing.

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Mixer and Dilutor


Our Mixer and Dilutor devices are designed for fluid researchers interested in conducting mixing experiments involving different fluids or perhaps crystallization studies.

Dimensions are standard but yet big enough to handle high flow rates. Our proprietary flow restrictor can be used to capture grown crystals while allowing different media to pass through.

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Cell Retainer and Cell Culture


Our Cell Retainer and Cell Culture devices are designed for cell researchers interested in conducting cellular experiments by changing media or drug candidates and growth conditions. 

Dimensions are standard but yet big enough to accommodate many cells. Our proprietary cell strainer gently restricts cells from moving in flowing media but still allows them to be removed for other testing.

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