MALDI-MSI services from Protea provide high-resolution mass spec positioning data from your tissue samples of interest. MALDI-MSI is a more traditional approach for mass spec imaging workflows and offers a large body of validated protocols.
  • Spatial resolution: 60µm (Whole body @ 300µm)
  • Typical data turnaround time: 2 weeks or less
  • Sample preparation and cryosectioning available

  • Tissue Sections
    • Tissue section analysis (10mm x 10mm)
    • Whole body tissue section analysis (typically 75mm x 25mm)
    • Trypsin digestion and profiling (10mm x 10mm)
Tissue sections are mounted on standard MALDI plates and prepared using our proprietary UltraPure MALDI Matrices. We offer more than 10 different matrix chemistries for a variety of specific applications. Samples are analyzed using a Bruker ultrafleXtreme™ TOF/TOF mass spectrometer. Analysis is typically performed on samples with the target area of up to 10mm x 10mm at 60μm spatial resolution (or larger if analyzing larger samples, as discussed with customer). Standard data reports contain up to five contour plots of desired m/z of interest, as well as an average MS fingerprint of the entire sample. Further contour plots and MS/MS confirmation can also be performed at an additional cost.
Case Studies and App Notes:

Cross Platform Lipid Imaging of Silver Nanoparticle-Exposed Rat Brain by LAESI-MS and MALDI-MS

In situ Detection and Imaging of Ergot Alkaloids in Ipomea tricolor by LAESI-MS-MS and MALDI-MS

In situ Top Down Proteomics: Targeted Imaging of Proteins in Tissue Using Laser Ablation Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry (LAESI-MS)
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