With a micro volume geometry and no back pressure perfect for MALDI spotting, Protea’s Reversed Phase LithTips™ employ cutting-edge monolith technology to deliver a faster, cleaner, and more efficient solid phase extraction right in the tip of your pipette

Protea’s reversed phase LithTips offer you unparalleled speed, dispensing accuracy, and cost savings to your sample cleanup! Employing a unique and proprietary hollow design, our LithTips bring you large retention capacity combined with no back pressure, opening up your workflow to accurate volume dispensing and new sample preparation efficiencies. Protea’s LithTips allow sample cleanup with liquid handling systems, with no need for vacuum applications. Our LithTips even facilitate MALDI spotting, allowing you to clean up and spot down to 1µL. Increased throughput and unprecedented dispensed volume accuracy save your lab time and money.

Protea’s reversed phase LithTips contain immobilized monoliths on the inner surface of a pipette tip, providing a large surface area for sample capture. Available in a variety of chemistries (C4, C8, C18), these LithTips allow desalting and concentration of a large range of molecules including peptides and proteins. Protea’s LithTips are available with specific reagent kits or without.

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