LAESI Workshop

Protea Bioanalytics Educational Workshop Series:
The Use of LAESI-MS to Generate 2D Imaging
Mass Spectrometry Data

During this workshop, you as a participant will learn the theory and practical applications of LAESI technology in imaging mass spectrometry, including time on the LAESI DP-1000 instrument, and use of LAESI imaging software and bioinformatics tools. You will generate actual 2 dimensional imaging mass spectrometry data on your own tissue sample and return to your laboratory with 2 dimensional mass spectrometric data on your sample.

  • October 21 – 23, 2011
  • Protea Biosciences, Morgantown, WV
  • Laser Ablation Electrospray Ionization (LAESI) technology represents a new method for identifying metabolites, lipids, peptides, proteins, and other biomolecules. Capable of being integrated with different mass spectrometers, this ion source is a preferred technology to enable high resolution 2D and 3D tissue imaging and biofluid analysis. With minimum sample preparation required. LAESI-MS is simple, fast and robust. LAESI includes a comprehensive software suite for instrument control, data processing, and contour plot generation.
  • Protea LAESI Development Team
  • Peter Nemes, Ph.D. (Staff Fellow at FDA & Co-inventor of LAESI Technology)
  • Bindesh Shrestha, Ph.D. (Post-doctoral Research Associate on LAESI research team at George Washington University)
Fee: $1,450
Registration Deadline: September 31st, 2011
To register, email us online.
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