Welcome to LAESI®

a new technology for rapid and direct identification, characterization, and imaging of biomolecules

Protea’s Laser Ablation Electrospray Ionization (LAESI) technology is a breakthrough technology for identifying metabolites, lipids, peptides, proteins, and other biomolecules by mass spectrometry. The key advantage of LAESI is that samples containing water can be directly analyzed, due to the use of a mid-IR laser tuned to the strong adsorption line of liquid water. Capable of being integrated with many different mass spectrometers, LAESI represents optimal add-on technology to enable high resolution 2D and 3D tissue imaging and biofluid analysis. With minimum sample preparation required, LAESI-MS operation is simple, fast, and robust. The LAESI source includes a comprehensive software analysis package for instrument control, data processing, and contour plot generation.

  • Direct and rapid analysis of biological samples and biofluids
  • Universal analysis of a wide variety of biomolecules
  • Minimal sample preparation requirements
  • 2D and 3D tissue imaging workflows
  • Qualitative and quantitative analyses
  • Broad mass range for detection: <50 Da to >100 kDa