LAESI® DP-1000

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The LAESI DP-1000 System is a high-throughput direct ionization system that profiles the distribution of biomolecules.

Protea’s LAESI DP-1000 System revolutionizes sample introduction and data analysis for high-throughput biological mass spectrometry. This ‘smart source’ offers you unprecedented access and visualization of your molecule(s) of interest directly AS they exist and WHERE they exist in nature.
The LAESI DP-1000 brings to you:

Increased Speed of Analysis
Introduce your sample directly into the mass spec without any front-end separation or preparation. Automate your process and seamlessly integrate the data from your mass spectrometer. Learn More.

2D & 3D Imaging
Spatial distribution profiling of biomolecules in tissues or living cells for cell metabolism studies, drug/ target interaction investigations, cancer research. Ionization is at ambient pressure, with no matrix addition required. Learn more.

Native Sample Ionization
Introduce any biological sample containing water to the mass spectrometer under ambient conditions with virtually no sample preparation. The LAESI DP-1000 features a “true” electrospray ionization allowing multiple-charged ions spectra with no presence of matrix for easier mass interpretation. Learn More.

Application Diversity and Range
From living cells to biofluids, in situ bio-reaction monitoring to drug toxicity analysis, your sample possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Learn More.

Platform Versatility and Integration
Easily access the power and performance of the LAESI DP-1000 system by integrating with many of today’s leading high-resolution mass spectrometers and laboratory workflows. Learn more.

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