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Direct Ionization Mass Spectrometry Analysis Using Protea’s LAESI DP-1000 System
Protea can now provide direct identification and characterization of biological samples through its proprietary LAESI DP-1000 System interfaced with ion trap technology or ion mobility TOF.

All LAESI-MS Bianalytical Services are reported through a secure, interactive online portal, where you will receive email notifications upon sample receipt, processing stage, and final data report creation.

Services are available for:
  • Profiling biological tissues
  • Profiling living cells/colonies
  • TLC plate separation profiling
  • Direct analysis of biological fluids
  • Real time redox reaction monitoring
  • Material characterization

LAESI, or Laser Ablation Electrospray Ionization is a technique used to profile the spatial distribution of metabolites, lipids, peptides, proteins, and other biomolecules in a wide variety of sample types under ambient conditions with minimal sample handling. Detailed reports include publication quality images and standard MS datasets.

Examples of LAESI-MS Bioanalytical Services
2D and 3D Tissue Imaging
  • Biomolecular spatial distribution mapping
  • Molecular identification, characterization, and relative quantitation
  • Drug detection and localization in forensic samples
  • 2D MS contour plot generation
  • 3D tissue depth profiling without sample slicing

High-Throughput Biofluid Analysis
  • 96 and 384 well plate analysis
  • Temperature controlled environment for bioreaction monitoring
  • Molecular identification, characterization and relative quantitation

Biodynamic cell colony monitoring
  • In situ colony metabolite profiles
  • Drug to cell interaction
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