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Human Tissue Lysates

Protea offers an expanding, extensive collection of ready-to-use, pathologist reviewed human tissue lysates. Suitable for use in protein biomarkers discovery research including: western blotting, IP, gel electrophoresis and Mass Spectrometry procedures.
Protein samples are isolated from fresh-frozen tissue samples and are provided with Pathology data.

All tissue samples are obtained from U.S. Medical Centers under Informed Consent and HIPAA compliance.  Protein samples are maintained frozen (-80c) and shipped on dry ice to assure sample quality.  Protea tissue lysates are provided in 100ug units.

Catalog Number

Normal tissue lysate

Tumor or disease-specific lysate
Matched set of normal and tumor lysate
2 x 100ug
  Note: If you don’t see a specific sample type that you require, please contact us.

Available Samples

Adrenal | Bladder | Brain | Breast | Colon | Kidney | Liver | Lung | Ovary | Pancreas

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