Welcome to the Home Page for Protea Biosciences, inc., a new

Proteomics company, based in Morgantown, West Virginia.


Our mission is to build a leading Proteomics franchise, by advancing our core microfluidics technology, and applying it to the discovery of novel protein targets, for use in the development of new pharmaceuticals and improved markers for disease management.  The company has several protein targets already in development.

The Proteomics revolution underway in Medical Research, the race to discover all the proteins made by the cells in our bodies, will create enormous value, as the protein targets discovered are patented, and become the basis for the next generation of Pharmaceutical development. Protea Biosciences believes that its Partnership with the WVU Health Sciences Center, and its new technology in development, defines a strong position to participate successfully in the emerging Proteomics sector, thereby building a world-class proteomics company.