GPR System Reagents and Accessories

The GPR® System has an extensive menu of accessories to facilitate the recovery of your specific proteins of interest. Here you can view a great selection of extraction kits, buffers, and other accessories specific for the GPR System.

Improvements in the purity of samples post-extraction have been accomplished through buffer optimization featuring the Progenta™ family of acid labile surfactants. Advances in synthetic chemistry have led to “smart surfactants” that can be used for sample preparation and processing, and then be rapidly broken down by decreasing the pH of the sample solution. The degradation by-products do not possess surfactant properties or interfere with analysis by mass spectrometry. The combination of the efficient electroelution with the optimized reagents leads to recovery of high quality samples for reliable mass spectrometry data.
Selection Guide for GPR Electroelution Buffers

The GPR-850 system uses an eight channel microfluidic chip to allow fast electroelutions simultaneously. In order to facilitate better protein extraction for a multitude of protein properties, multiple different buffer formulation have been developed. Each of these buffers contains a Progenta™ Anionic Acid Labile Surfactant (AALS), which provides a safe alternative to SDS-based electroelution buffers. These surfactants are fully compatible with mass spectrometry due to their ability to degrade under acidic conditions. Each buffer has been made for the optimum electroelution of proteins with varying hydrophobic properties and isoelectric points.

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