Gel Protein Recovery

New method to control movement of biomolecules in microchannels, enabling rapid recovery of intact proteins from gels

Protea scientists have invented a new way to control the movement of intact proteins in a microchannel environment. This development has paved the way for designing microchips that not only recover and separate proteins, but also other biomolecules. The technology allows the integration of processing steps such as protein extraction, cleanup (removal of salts and detergents), and other concentration and enrichment steps that might be desired, into single, enclosed micro-pathways, thereby eliminating sample contamination.

Protea used this technology to produce the first microchip-based system to recover intact proteins from gel samples. Current methods require anywhere from 3-6 hours per sample, and are susceptible to sample loss and contamination. Protea technology, embodied in its GPR-800 bench top instrument, offers the simultaneous recovery of eight intact protein samples in less than 20 minutes, employing proprietary single-use plastic microchips.

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