Gel Protein Recovery System

The GPR® System delivers efficient recovery of gel separated intact proteins through a multiplexed, automated, microfluidics chip-based process.

The Gel Protein Recovery (GPR) System empowers you with an easy and efficient system for intact protein recovery. Using the GPR-800, GPRchips, and GPR reagents, you will recover molecules for subsequent top-down proteomics to facilitate effective protein characterization by mass spectrometry… all while boosting your efficiency.

The GPR System opens the door for new workflows in protein research. The microfluidic chip-based system recovers intact proteins from acrylamide gels, bringing you access to top-down proteomics. The buffers and reagents used are specifically tuned for mass spec sensitivity.
Employing a multiplexed and automated system, the GPR System speeds up the path of discovery. Using minimal reagent consumption and disposable chips, the GPR-800 improves the efficiency of your experiment while reducing your overall costs. Recovering eight gel-plugs simultaneously with an automated process frees up lab-time, delivering you to the identification/characterization step faster than ever before!
The GPR System’s molecule friendly process and chemical environment opens new possibilities for your experiments. Preserving PTMs and protein structure integrity, the first-of-its-kind GPR-800 recovers intact molecules, perfect for down-stream mass spec applications.

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