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Different technologies are available for advanced imaging projects

Two dimensional ion maps of phosophlipid in rat brain section

Whether your imaging needs require the cutting edge capabilities of the LAESI DP-1000 or more traditional MALDI approach, Protea’s MSIC can provide the expertise and experience to bring your project the biochemical distribution information you need.

In vivo Mass Spectrometry Imaging

Ion map of phospholipid in E. coli colony (m/z 416.6)

  • Unique capability for time-related monitoring on same colony
  • Bio-dynamics of living populations
  • Antibiotic/ biofilm therapeutics and stimulus-response relationships
  • Toxicological studies

Biofilm Characterization

Images and contour plots of a contact lens showing the distribution of butyl benzyl phthalate (m/z 313.4) and
a multiply charged protein (m/z 1035.0)

  • First of its kind capabilites
  • Mapping of metabolites/lipids/proteins
  • Information on polymer fingerprint information for stability and competitive comparisons

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