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GELutor             Electroelute

The GELutorTM is a revolutionary in-line electroelution device that has been designed to connect with a molecular weight cut-off filter system to collect eluted proteins and allow for removal of SDS detergent.  The in-line design of the GELutor permits subsequent transfer directly to either ESI-MS or further digestion/separation systems.  The GELutor may also be used to extract proteins from 1D or 2D gel spots.

The GELutor is easy to use. The spot cutter is the sample holder, which allows the user to never touch the gel and retain the spot for future measurements, if necessary.  Protea’s SuperBlueTM Coomassie stain improves achievable detection levels, leading to cutting-edge exploration of low abundance proteins. Once the Gelutor is connected to the system, software takes over to automate the whole process.

Research Applications:

  • Molecular weight determination of intact proteins
  • Collection of up-regulated proteins
  • Identification of multiple proteins within one spot


  • Works with gels 0.5 – 2.0mm thick, spot size 3.0 mm
  • Protea SuperBlue Coomassie stain detection limit is 8-14ng
  • Uses 0.1 – 1.0X running buffer

Accessory Products available:

  • SDS away – SDS removal buffer; eliminate SDS and its inhibitive effects on further processes.
  • Cutter holder – manage spots easier
  • Spot Cutter – reusable stainless steel cutter