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DIGESTorTM               Digest

Protea’s DIGESTorTM cartridges enable protein researchers to easily digest samples in a several minutes rather than a few hours. The DIGESTor cartridge contains a high density of immobilized trypsin enzymes on 20mm beads.  Connecting the DIGESTor cartridge in-line reduces the potential for contamination, In addition, using the DIGESTor combined with Protea’s PILFer permits reduction and alkylation prior to digestion. Coupling this system to an LC or LC-MS makes the once tedious task of protein sequencing from tryptic in-gel digests simpler and less time-consuming. A standard 10-32 connection makes the DIGESTor connections compatible with all LC systems.


  • Throughput:  In-line format allows for rapid digestion
  • Efficiency:  High density enzyme bed improves efficiency of digestion

Research Applications:

  • Protein sequencing and identification
  • Post translational modification characterization
  • Protein – protein interaction studies

Product Specifications:


2 ml

Digestion Time

5 – 10 min

Flow Rate

0.1 to 1.0 mL/min    

Pressure Range 

1 – 1000 PSI


Trypsin (bovine pancreas)

Temp. Range

25 – 37o C

pH Range

6.9 – 8.3


50 mM Tris/10 mM CaCl2 pH 8.0

Load Concentration 

10 – 5000 pmol



Base peak chromatogram from the LC-MS/MS analysis of a 20 pmol carbonic anhydrase protein digest mixture generated from processing of the sample with the DIGESTor cartridge. The inset mass spectrum shows a representative CID spectrum from the analysis. The table illustrates the high sequence coverage of the protein obtained from the digestion plus LC-MS/MS analysis.