Welcome to Protea Biosciences! Protea is a growing company of scientists dedicated to the mission of improving protein sample preparation for downstream analysis, especially by mass spectrometry. Our goal is to help bridge the gap between biology and chemistry in an effort to improve the quality of information obtained from the valuable biological samples of life sciences researchers. Our innovative products, along with our team of scientists, are available to help you achieve your research objectives. We are constantly developing and introducing new products, so please check back for the latest updates and new product applications.

Featured Product

From Gels into Solutions

The Gel Protein Recovery (GPR) System is a dedicated electroelution product for the in-line recovery of proteins from SDS-PAGE gels. Intended for use in protein sample preparation for downstream mass spec analysis, the GPR product line has been engineered to overcome many of the obstacles previously encountered by other gel electroelution devices. GPR offers
efficient, highly reproducible electroelution and purification of proteins from acrylamide gels.


  • Extracts and recovers more protein than traditional methods.
  • Enriches and purifies proteins of interest.
  • Improves sample quality for downstream applications.
  • Elutes proteins from 5kDa to 200kDa in size.
  • Enables one step sample handling to improve yield and reproducibility.
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