a western blot human cancer profiling service , for use with our pre-designed , tumor-specific western blots, or you design your own western blots, from our sample database
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Our human cancer-specific Western blot panels are used to determine cell signaling and protein expression patterns in specific disease and conditions. We offer screening on over 50 predesigned protein panels, each specific to multiple stages of breast, lung, colorectal, and prostate cancer, and other disease. Also, use our Designer western service, and make your own sample selections from our total protein database. Clinical and Pathology data available for each sample.

Our total protein samples are derived from fresh-frozen, Pathologist-reviewed , individual tissue samples, Dnase-treated, and assessed for protein integrity on the Agilent/Caliper system (data provided), samples are applied to SDS_PAGE gels, and transferred to either PVDF or nitrocellulose membranes(your choice). Use our pre-designed western blots, or design your own, to determine the size, abundance and phosphorylation patterns of specific proteins in highly-characterized samples.

Our integrated Protein Identification services are available both for your samples (gel bands or solution), or you may request samples for your use from our own protein sample database.

Our Integrated Proteomic Services:
We are known for our ultrasensitive and validated Mass Spectrometry protocols integrated with innovative sample optimization and protein separation methods.

For Protein Identification

Protein identification is validated by manual confirmation of the MS/MS spectra. Further comparison is available, of peptide fragmentation pattern and/or co-elution experiment with synthetic standard


Identification of proteins in complex mixtures using immunoprecipitation, SDS-PAGE and/or 2D/LC.

Identification of proteins from SDS – PAGE and 2D Gels with enhanced data validation
Functional Proteomics
We will look at phosphopeptide mapping of your protein, using IMAC and LC/MS/MS. We will identify candidate binding partners for known targets

For Protein Characterization

CancerScreen 200

– a human cancer protein screening service, of over 200 highly-characterized total protein samples (dot blot).
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– a western blot human cancer profiling service , for use with our pre-designed western blots, or you design your own western blots, for which we provide the samples.
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