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Protea has combined its research in chemistry and biology to offer new microfluidic devices for applications in protein, biology and chemistry research.  We use fused silica substrate for our microfluidic chips to assure your ability for quality, in situ observation of your experiments.

Our microfluidic products are produced using state-of-the-art photolithographic as well as proprietary techniques.  Our devices enable many research applications, including electrophoresis, cell culturing and autodilution.  Each device has multiple uses, providing maximum opportunity to obtain useful data.  We proudly offer Upchurch1 fittings as optional accessories for all devices.

Microfluidics in biology workshop

Coming in Spring 2006, Protea will offer one-day “how-to” courses on the applications of microfluidics in biology.  Our mission is to place the power and capability of microfluidics in your hands – from our laboratory to your microscope

Register here to receive updates on our microfluidics workshop program.  Please include your name, title, company, address and phone number in the body of the email.

Microfluidics devices

Standard chips:  Our list of ready -to -use microfluidic chips for your laboratory.

Custom chips: Design your own custom chips, as well as get some key tips.  A brief explanation of optional fittings and connections is provided. Utilize UMOSTM (Universal Microfluidic Ordering System), a Protea-specific design software created with Microsoft PowerPoint that allows users to design and draw their own pattern quickly and efficiently.


We have included a links page to equipment vendors as well as a listing of useful reference articles to keep researchers up-to-date in this rapidly expanding field.  Click here for more information.

We look forward to working with you,
The Protea Team

1 Upchurch Scientific is a Division of IDEX Corp.