Custom Chips
The first step towards designing your own custom microfluidic chip

UMOSTM – Protea’s custom microfluidic design software

The potential of microfluidics has reached a point where researchers are in need of a quality and cost-effective partner to provide expert prototyping of new designs to achieve your research objectives. Protea has pioneered a new way to accomplish this.

  • Utilizing our UMOSTM (universal microfluidic ordering system), any researcher can submit their design for production.  Best of all, there is only a two (2) chip minimum order and turnaround time is typically 7-10 business days ARO.

Some additional features of our microfluidic chip production capability:

  • We can supply your laboratory with additional information to help make an outstanding publication including SEM images, profilometer scans, digital microscope images, as well as rulers and names for image identification. Simply add any of these on as an additional request.
  • No more waiting for quarterly design submissions with limited features. No more trying to figure out how to connect the device to the real world.  Now you have a partner to help you in your research endeavors.

To start designing your own device, please first read “UMOS directions”.  This will give you all the information you need to get started. If you have any questions before starting, just drop us an email at your convenience.

Click to view a narrative description of how to proceed with your custom design chip.

Next, go to “UMOS”.  Here you can draw the design you want and save it to your hard disk for future reference. Send an email with this file attached to [email protected] and an engineer from Protea will get back to you to finalize the design and offer any suggestions. After you submit the final drawing, your design goes into production and will be shipped to you in about 7-10 days. We are always producing devices, and you can submit a drawing any time 24/7.

Information about standard features are located inside “UMOS directions”. This will help sort out which feature to pick to get the job done. For additional information, please see the Resources page for information about established ideas.

Click to custom design your Microfluidic chip using the UMOS (Universal Microfluidic Ordering System).

For questions and assistance, please contact our engineers at 304-293-5279 or email us at [email protected].