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Corporate Governance

Our Board of Directors, Scientific Advisory Board, and Management Team set high standards for excellence at Protea.

Management Team
  • Stephen Turner
    Chief Executive Officer / Chairman of the Board
  • Matthew Powell, Ph.D.
    Director of Research & Development / Chief Science Officer
  • Greg W. Kilby, Ph.D.
    Chief Bioanalytics Officer
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Board of Directors
  • Steven Antoline
  • Josiah T. Austin
  • Patrick Gallager
  • Leonard Harris
  • Stanley Hostler
  • Ed Roberson
  • Scott Segal
  • Maged Shenouda
  • Stephen Turner
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Scientific Advisory Board
  • Ron Heeren, Ph.D.
  • Glen Jackson, Ph.D.
  • Peter Nemes, Ph.D.
  • Akos Vertes, Ph.D.
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  • 2012 North American Frost & Sullivan Award for New Product Innovation
  • 2012 R&D; 100 Award (LAESI DP-1000)
  • 2012 Pittcon Editors’ Bronze Award (LAESI DP-1000)
  • The Scientist’s annual Top 10 Innovations (LAESI DP-1000)

…innovations for bioanalytics