Combined Imaging Services

By combining biomarker discovery, proteomics, and quantitation workflows with imaging and molecular spatial distribution information, you can fully understand the mechanisms of biochemical action for your molecules of interest.

Combining the results obtained by applying two ionization technologies can exponentially enhance the analysis and base understanding of your samples of interest. From serial sections, samples are analyzed using both LAESI-MSI and MALDI-MSI workflows. Standard data reports contain up to five contour plots of desired m/z of interest, as well as an average MS fingerprint of the entire sample for both LAESI and MALDI analysis. This combination approach brings together the strengths of both laser ablation ESI and MALDI techniques to provide a complete picture of the molecular profile in a sample. Further contour plots and MS/MS confirmation can also be performed at an additional cost. These imaging techniques can also be coupled with our bioanalytical services capabilities to confirm, validate, and enhance the knowledge of the analysis performed.

  • Typical data turn around time: 2 weeks or less, depending on project
  • Request a quote for special bundle pricing using these two ionization/ mapping techniques

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