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Fraction Collector

The Explorer system is equipped with an integrated fraction collector to allow researchers to collect their processed samples off-line on the benchtop or to split the ESI-MS flow and send a small aliquot to fraction collection for later analysis by another technique, such as MALDI or UV-Vis.  The collection system is compatible with 200mL PCR tubes individually or in strands of 8, and is also available with the option of capping for storage or transport. An added benefit to the round sample tray is that the user can select how many sample tubes are needed for collection and is no longer hindered by wasting unused wells from a 96 or 384 well plate. As more samples are needed, more tubes are inserted in the sample tray after removing loaded tubes.  Also available is a micro-fraction well system (100ml capacity per well)  made of PEEK for biocompatibility.  A PEEK disc cover is available so that samples can be stored or transported directly in the sample tray.


  • Capacity –   Limitless – PCR tubes can be replaced during collection
  •  Modular – Collection discs can easily be exchanged or removed for sample storage

Research Applications:

  • Direct collection of desalted proteins eluted from gels
  • Collect protein digests
  • Collect samples off-line for analysis by other systems
  • Split separation flow stream going to MS to send to another analysis or to lower ESI flow rate at tip for nano-flow conditions post separation w/out loss of sample.



  • PEEK collector with 100mL capacity wells
  • Delrin collector that accepts 200mL PCR tubes
  • Each disc has 32 collection positions