Cancerscreen 200

Cancerscreen 200

– a total protein human cancer screening service (dot blot)
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Derived from our extensive total protein sample database, we offer our Cancerscreen 200 service – this service is intended to serve as a rapid, preliminary screen of peptides or antibodies, to identify specific proteins across a broad spectrum of human cancers and specific stages of disease, screening over 200 individual total proteins. Agilent/Caliper data is provided to document protein sample integrity, and Clinical and Pathology data is provided for each sample.


We will screen your peptide or antibody on a Cancerscreen dot blot, containing over 200 highly-characterized, individual total protein samples.

You will receive the complete digital images, along with an interpretation of results. The hardcopy film is available on request, without charge.

You will receive Agilent data, as well as clinical and pathology data on each sample.

Orders are generally completed within 10 business days from receipt of Antibody.


For screening, one Cancerscreen 200 total protein dotblot array – $1,850

For screening, two Cancerscreen 200 total protein dotblot arrays – $3,050

For screening, three Cancerscreen 200 total protein dotblot arrays – $4,250