Bioanalytical Services

Offering innovative technologies, expertise, and established scientific & business practices, Protea’s Research Laboratory is your partner for advanced bioanalytical and imaging mass spectrometry services.
We provide the expertise and innovation to support your projects from concept to knowledge. Using state-of-the-art instrumentation, our team is able to offer mass spectrometry-based services to solve even the most difficult problems: from identification of the hard to find protein, to developing and validating the most sensitive PK or biomarker assays. Our expert mass spec scientists efficiently guide your project through established workflows and assays to provide you with confidence in the quality and integrity of your sample data.
Biomarker Discovery
Our biomarker experts offer identification and characterization workflows and support for projects searching for molecular identifiers of disease states.
Biotherapeutic Characterization
As researchers and drug developers are exploring the effectiveness of biotheraputics, our research laboratory is on the cutting-edge of method development for characterization of these difficult to analyze molecules.
Advanced Proteomics
In even the most daunting protein studies, our expert scientific team helps you develop and implement the methods and procedures needed to deliver reliable information about your molecules of interest.
Protein and Peptide Quantitation
Our large molecule experts employ advanced methods and workflows for quantitation of multiple proteins and peptides in your biological matrices.

Case Studies and App Notes:

CASE STUDY: Direct Characterization of Cysteine Binding in Signal Transduction Pathways by LC MS-MS

Label-Free Quantitation of Proteins in Human Prostate Cancer Patient Plasma

CASE STUDY: Biomarker Discovery in Human Prostate Cancer Patient Samples Using Combined MuDPIT and BIOiTRAQ Workflows
…concepts into knowledge