Albumin and IgG Depletion

Protea offers a great way to virtually eliminate albumin from your serum samples! ProteaPrep Albumin Depletion Plates quickly remove >95% of albumin from serum samples. The ProteaPrep Albumin Depletion ligand is a recombinant protein that exhibits excellent batch-to-batch reproducibility and is highly purified for robust, efficient removal of albumin from human serum samples. This proprietary ligand design technology produces binding constants with human serum albumin that are significantly stronger than antibody-based methods. The net result is highly efficient and rapid albumin removal product to enhance your serum samples.
The ProteaPrep IgG Depletion Sample Prep Kit features a revolutionary new approach to affinity-based serum immunoglobulin removal that utilizes a non-antibody-based method. The ProteaPrep IgG Depletion capture ligand is a recombinant protein that binds with high affinity to IgG, exhibits excellent batch-to-batch reproducibility, and is highly purified for robust, efficient removal of IgG from human serum samples. The net result is that the functionalized beads irreversibly bind and remove the IgG from serum in a highly efficient and rapid manner. Depletion efficiencies are >99% for the selective removal of IgG from serum samples in less than 20 minutes.
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Application Note:
Highly Efficient and Reproducible Albumin Depletion from Whole Serum

***Coomassie blue stained SDS-PAGE gel demonstrating the effectiveness of the SP-200 ProteaPrep Albumin Depletion Sample Prep kit for the removal of human serum albumin (HSA) from human serum samples. Key: Lane 1 = molecular weight markers ; Lanes 2 and 4 = 1.0 µL of two unique human serum control samples with the prominent HSA bands marked with an arrow ; Lanes 3 and 5 = albumin-depleted 1.0 µL samples evidencing the >99% removal of HSA from the respective human serum samples.

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