About Our Lab

Protea’s Bioanalytical Services team provides expertise and innovation to support projects from concepts to knowledge. Using advanced instrumentation, including high resolution exact mass MS/MS technology as well as the most advanced triple quadrupole systems and software, Protea is able to offer mass spectrometry-based services to solve even the most difficult problems, from identification of the hard to find protein, to developing and validating the most sensitive PK or biomarker assays. Our expert mass spec scientists efficiently guide your project through established workflows and assays to provide you with confidence in your sample data.

Proteomics Services:
  • Top-down proteomics
  • Quantitative proteomics
  • Biomarker characterization
  • Post-translational modification characterization
  • Protein interaction studies
  • Peptide mapping
  • Total amino acid analysis
  • Custom services

Drug Discovery Services:
  • Combinatorial library hit identification
  • Hit-to-lead assay development
  • Lead optimization
  • Assay development and screening
  • Support for secondary lead compounds

Large Molecule Bioanalytical Services:
  • Novel assay development and/or assay transfer
  • GLP or Fit-for-Purpose (FFP) assay validation and sample analysis
  • Quantitative analysis using:
    • Signature peptides and MRM assays
    • Immunoprecipitation and immunoaffinity capture
    • Advanced chromatography techniques

Small Molecule Bioanalytical Services:
  • PK Drug Discovery Support
  • Metabolite ID (Predictive and Unknown) and stability
  • Novel Method Development
  • GLP Validation
  • GLP Sample Assays from pilot studies to pre-clinical to Phase 3 trials
  • Bioequivalence Studies

  • Protea LAESI DP-1000 System
  • Waters Synapt® G2-S HDMS + UPLC
  • 2 x AB Sciex QTRAP® 5500 + Shimadzu HPLC
  • 2 x AB Sciex API 4000™ + Shimadzu HPLC
  • Hitachi L8900 Total Amino Acid Analyzer

All instruments are powered by uninterruptable power supplies, and are supported with a natural gas generator with automatic start-up for electrical back-up.

Biomolecular Imaging:
  • ProteaPlot™

Molecular Quantitation
  • Analyst (v. 1.5)
  • Thermo Scientific Watson LIMS™
  • MassLynx™ v. 4.1
  • MultiQuant™
  • MRMPilot™

Metabolite Identification:
  • LightSight™
  • MetaboLynx™ XS

  • Transform
  • MaxEnt™ 1
  • BiopharmaLynx™
  • BioLynx®
  • MarkerLynx™
  • ProteinLynx Global SERVER™ (PLGS)
  • ProteinPilotTM
  • Protein Center

Statistical Analysis:
  • Phoenix® WinNonlin®

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