About Our Lab

Protea’s Research Laboratory is your premier provider for advanced MSI and protein bioanalytical services.

Protea’s Research Laboratory combines bioanalytical and imaging mass spectrometry disciplines to deliver visualization, characterization, identification, and quantitation information to support your research goals. A multidisciplinary organization providing a holistic approach to bioanalytical studies, we are focused on Mass Spectrometry Imaging (MSI), Metabolomics, and Proteomics related projects.

We offer several different levels of project support:

  • design and development of imaging and bioanalytical projects for specific studies
  • demonstration of proprietary product and service portfolio to customers
  • training on imaging technologies
  • technical support at site for imaging projects


Mass Spectrometry Imaging

Our Research Laboratory specialize in generating distribution profiles of biomolecules in tissues, biofilms, and living populations like cell cultures, living bacterial and fungal colonies. We offer MSI services employing the LAESI® DP-1000 Direct Ionization System interfaced with high resolution mass spectrometers for ambient pressure sample mapping. We also offer MALDI TOF/TOF technology for more traditional workflows. We provide you with spatial distribution information to help build a more complete and thorough understanding of the biochemical landscape in your samples.

Bioanalytical Services

Our Research Laboratory also offers bioanalytical services using advanced LC/MS technologies and techniques. Equipped with advanced instrumentation, including high-resolution exact mass MS/MS technology, as well as the most advanced triple quadrupole systems and software, We are able to solve your most difficult analytical problems. From identification of hard to find proteins, to developing and validating the most sensitive PK or biomarker assays, Our expert team efficiently guides your projects through established workflows and assays to provide you with confident and reproducible sample data.


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