Characterization of Complex HeLa Lysate as a Function of Protein Load by NanoLC-MS/MS

In proteomics discovery workflows, it is critical to have a sensitive and robust mass spectrometry method that provides comprehensive and accurate identification of proteins in complex sample mixtures. Biofluid samples and lysates from tissues, cell lines, and bacterial colonies are only a selection of the wide variety of these biological samples that can demonstrate a vast dynamic range of protein expression. A combination of high-resolution, accurate-mass (HRAM) mass spectrometry with nanoflow chromatography provides a powerful technology platform for discovery proteomics.

In this application note, we analyze HeLa cell lysate digests by nanoLC-MS/MS to determine the total number of protein identifications as a function of starting protein load from 10 to 200 ng to demonstrate the sensitivity and robustness of the workflow for the proteomic characterization of complex samples.





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