Protein Digest Standards
Protea Biosciences' Protein Digest Standards are an ideal tool for the standardization, calibration, and troubleshooting of chromatographic separations, particularly for LC-MS applications. Each Protein Digest Standard is provided as a 500 pmol lyophilized mixture of tryptically digested peptides.
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Cytochrome C Digest Standard PS-200-1 $98.00
Ovalbumin Digest Standard PS-202-1 $98.00
BSA Digest Standard PS-204-1 $98.00
Casein Digest Standard PS-206-1 $98.00
Carbonic Anhydrase Digest Standard PS-208-1 $98.00
Myoglobin Digest Standard PS-209-1 $98.00
Phosphorylase B Digest Standard PS-210-1 $98.00
Beta Galactosidase Digest Standard PS-211-1 $98.00
Equimolar Digest Standard PS-215-1 $98.00
Exponential Molar Digest Standard PS-216-1 $98.00
Yeast Enolase Digest Standard PS-217-1 $98.00
Protein Digest Standards Assortment PS-250-KIT $249.90


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