Modified Peptide Standards


Protea Biosciences offers a wide variety of of modified peptide standards for your mass spectrometry needs. Each standard is certified mass spec grade and lyophilized for easy and convenient reconstitution.
Product Catalog Number Price Buy Now !
Phosphopeptide Standard I PS-180-1 $168.00
Phosphopeptide Standard II PS-181-1 $224.00
Phosphorylated Angiotensin II PS-301-1 $78.00
Oxidized ACTH (1-10) PS-280-1 $78.00
Glycosylated Erythropoietin (EPO) (117-131) PS-500-1 $78.00
Glycosylated MUC5AC 3 PS-501-1 $78.00
Glycosylated Peptide Standard Mixture I PS-510-1 $168.00
Glycosylated Peptide Standard Mixture II PS-511-1 $224.00
Acetylated Peptide Standards PS-531-1 $78.00
Acetylated Peptide Standard Mixture II PS-541-1 $224.00
Sulfated Peptide Standard Mixture I PS-570-1 $168.00


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