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Direct Analysis of Animal and Plant Tissues by LAESI-MSI with Ion Mobility for Mapping of Metabolites and Lipids

Mass spectrometry imaging (MSI) workflows for the direct analysis of biological samples at ambient pressures provide useful information for the localization of a wide variety of biomolecules with in animal tissues and botanical samples. Due to the inherent complexity of the biomolecule populations within these samples, the detection of lesser abundance species can be challenging. The use of high resolution accurateness (HRAM) mass spectrometry is one tool for improving the discrimination of mass spectral peaks for biomolecules in MSI studies. Alternatively, the use of ion mobility as a post-ionization separation tool can further increase the peak capacity and the confidence in metabolite identification for these workflows.

In this work, we combined laser ablation electrospray ionization mass spectrometry imaging (LAESI-MSI) with ion mobility for the direct analysis of animal and plant tissue samples. By selecting out sub-regions of the mass spectra based on drift times, we were able to improve the detection and mapping of a wide variety of metabolites, lipids, and small molecules.

(Presented at 2014 International Mass Spectrometry Conference, Geneva, Switzerland)





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